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Dr. Campbell holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from Capital Institute of Technology, a second Bachelor of Science degree in Math Education from the University of the District of Columbia, a Masters in Education Administration from Lincoln University, and a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Rowan University.


Dr. Campbell authored his second book, Leading Your Marriage into the Promised Land, in February 2009. Leading Your Marriage into the Promised Land  educates the husband on a leadership process that ensures the husband and wife work togeather as a team. The husband and wife work togeather to develop and implement agreed upon goals that embrace the different values that they learn as children. Following the writing of this book, he wrote two companion workbooks, one for husbands and the other for wives.


Dr. Campbell is founder and president of The Promised Land Ministry. The Promised Land Ministry provides training for churches, non-profit organizations, men, and couples. Churches and non-profit organzations recieve training in the areas of strategiec planning, team building, and leadership. Men and couples recieve training develped from the Leading Your marraige into the Promised Land book and Reducing Domestic Violence.


He is also the founder and CEO of DLC Consultant Group. After authoring his first book, Promoting Positive Racial Teacher-Student Classroom Relationships, in January 2008, Dr. Campbell developed a Cultural Relationship Training Program that improves teacher-student classroom relationships as well as several companion programs. He also developed the B.O.S.S. Leadership Training Program that improves manager-employee workplace relationships and the Law Enforcement Cultural Relationship Training Program that improves relationships between law enforcement and the local community. Dr. Campbell has facilitated leadership and team-building seminars for several local civic organizations and churches.


In August 2007, Dr. Campbell founded Leadership Advancement Journal which publishes articles on recent educational, organizational, and business developments that impact our culture. His articles Reducing Cultural Bullying in Schools and Reducing Inappropriate Special Education Referrals for Historically Underserved Students, have been featured in a local New Jersey Newspaper.

In November 2008, Dr. Campbell began the new Radio talk show - Culturally Speaking with Doctor Derrick. On this talk show we discuss the solutions to the cultural challenges that exist in our schools, workplaces, and community. Dr. Campbell has had a host of local and national speakers who contributed to the content of the show.


Dr. Campbell has lectured at various locations throughout the nation, including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Iron Sharpens Iron Men's Conference, and local churches. He has ministered to the youth at his home church on the topic of Christian student rights in the public schools and has ministered at another local New Jersey church on Overcoming the Poverty Cycle. He has been a board member of his church’s men’s ministry, Athletes United in Christ, and has participated in various church activities. He has facilitated Leading Your Marriage into the Promised seminars at churches and the Iron Sharpens Iron Conference Men's Conference.


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